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In this current age, CCTV monitoring has went beyond just serving security purposes only. other than crime prevention & deterrence, it has also been used for insurance claim activity management. With the introduction of video content analytics, ccTV system is able to perform in depth analysis & provide comprehensive results to enable users to make the most suitable actions.

There are generality two types CCTV systems.
Analogue CCTV System
cameras & Digital Video Recorders VR) are wired up together via coaxial cable for video & data transmission. Current technology allows analogue system to achieve high definition video recording & footage.

IP CCTV System
Video & data transmission is carried out throughout the IP network & allows user to monitor from any part of the earth, as long asthere's internet. Its versatility allows the introduction of video content analytics & different forms of integration with other systems.

IP CCTV may also be included with video content Analytics (vCA) is the capability of automatically analyzing video to detect & determining temporal & spatial
events such as:
1) Intrusion Detection
2) People & Vehicle Counting
3) Abandoned & Removed object
4) Stopping & Dwell Detection
5) Directional Detection
6) License Plate Recognition
7) Facial Recognition


A good communication platform can be the backbone of your company. The right system ensures that all incoming and outgoing calls the right person. also
keeps its cool during busy times, grows with your business and provides technical features that enhance your phone system.
The best communication system for regulating the phone your business and number can be determined by a number of factors, such as the size of hidden advantage for your of the solutions below offers the perfect business communications.


Don't wait until you have been the victim of burglary or security alarm are a proactive our solution for addressing a variety of security concerns, whether for home or business, alarm system provides the reliable protection you deserve


Our Access Control Panel with/without Time Attendance system is ranging from Biometric, Fingerprint, Bluetooth to Basic Card/PIN. Our access control system extensions are including Hotel Lock, Residential Lock, Long Range Reader and Guard Patrol system, other related access control system accessories are Audio Intercom, PANASONIC Video Intercom, DAHUA tP Video Intercom, DAHUA Apartment IP Video Intercom, Electromagnetic (EM) Lock, Brackets for EM Lock, Break glass, Push Buttons and Access Control Cards.

RESTU range of Access Control systems are easy to operate and cost effective. Installation is simple and can be configured on the device or using an intuitive
software system, where data such as reports and user information can be easily exported. Our access control units are perfect for time attendance system management in commercial lots, restaurants, retail stores and more.

Standalone Biometric Readers with built-in Controllers Simple Fingerprint Access Control Terminal Bluetooth Access Control Terminal Basic card or pin Access Terminal /Networked Access Controller with Time Attendance ZK Hotel Lock/ZK Residential and Commercial Lock.


PA system - system that allows users to make timely announcements to a large public in large environments, enabling prompt responses to protect lives,
building and assets.

With the evolution of technology, audio broadcasting can made throughout a city, country or to different locations around the world in a matter of split second.

As long as devices and equipment are setup and configure to an IP netork, announcement can be made easily and promptly.


We provide of Cabling & Solutions
1) CCTV Cabling
2) Network Cabling
3) Fibre optic cabling
4) Telephone Cabling
5) Wireless Access point solutions

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